TeapotOne: From the Force, to Around the World

“Look after your loved ones, do what you have to, but live your life” Bruce aka TeapotOne One of the most distinct voices on the evermore crowded motorcycle podcast and vlogging circuit is Bruce TeapotOne, otherwise known as Bruce Smart. With a down-to-earth persona and round-the-world overland adventure riding experience he is a motorcycle enthusiast […]

Big Brands, Big Displays, Bigger Enthusiasm

The BMIC Crew visits MCIA Motorcycle Live 2023 From 16th – 24th November one of Britain’s biggest motorcycle events took place at the NEC in Birmingham. The BMIC were there to admire the latest models, impressive stands but catch up with a few of our BMIC friends we have made throughout the year. The first […]

EICMA hits all-time high with intriguing debuts 

As trade fair attendances fall in the post Covid period, EICMA, the Europe’s largest show dedicated to all things motorcycle has recorded its highest ever numbers, a sign of the surging interest in the sector that that has been energised by EV innovation. EICMA, in autumn always represents a good opportunity to visit the Lombard […]

We chat to Andrew Richardson of REALRIDER

“I came around a corner, saw a car coming at me, saw my exit and went for it, went into a gully and came off and the bike ended up on top of me. But I looked at my phone, my Apple Watch and saw REALRIDER® activated and counting down, I heard the voice response […]

Rewilding Britain: learning from nature

“My partner is a biker, so I can totally understand that love for nature that riders have.”Kate Barclay, Rewilding Britain For those who get on their bikes and ride through the wind and rain, the environment and the state of it matters. The whole point of riding out is that it takes us to places […]

The Sidecar Guys’ Search for an elusive British Wilderness 

“The land wants to be wild,” says Matt of the Sidecar Guys. “We just have to get out of its way”.  The British Motorcycle Insurance Community (BMIC) has partnered with The Sidecar Guys in supporting their Wild Ride UK, a trip by Matt and Reece in their Ural motorcycle through England and Wales looking for […]

Introducing the British Motorcycle Insurance Community – the BMIC

Welcome to the British Motorcycle Insurance Community, a new digital, insurance-led community builder platform for the UK’s motorcycle communities, associations, manufacturers, distributorsand riders. Riding a motorcycle is an individual choice, and yet, by choosing to go it alone on the bike, we are part of a community of others who think the same way. By […]