Living the ADV Life Down Under

Our chat with Damien Ashenhurst “Australia is such an unusual country, there’s almost nothing in most of it but that’s were all the bucket list rides are.” Damien Ashenhurst is the founder and man behind ADV Life, Australia’s top website and digital hub for all things to do with adventure riding. With a lot of […]

Riding A New Wave Of Motorcycle Interest 

“Maybe they thought I didn’t know anything about motorbikes, but when they got to talk to me, they realised that I knew my stuff.” Thalassa van Beek Thalassa van Beek is the founder of Motorcycle Marketing an agency made up of specialised professionals who all share a love of motorcycles and riding. They work with […]

The Bikers Suited and Booted to Deliver Mental Health First Aid

“When a bike’s broken down on the side of the road, a biker will stop for another. So we take it one step further, what happens when that biker’s head breaks down.” Paul Oxborough, Chairperson of Mental Health Motorbike Anyone who owns a motorbike, and who rides out at the weekends, is well aware of […]

A Very British Motorbiker’s Journey  

“Being your authentic self is the number one thing” Conor O’Donnell – TheBritishMotorbiker Like so many members of the motorcycle community, for Conor, riding is about so much more than just getting around or a hobby. Usually, when you talk to a motorcycle enthusiast, there tends to be depth to their story and their love […]

The Girl on a Bike, who found herself again

“That’s something that I’m so proud of myself for; asking for help. I always emphasise to people that asking for help is a sign of strength” Vanessa Ruck – The Girl on a Bike In a world of influencers and celebrity riders Vanessa Ruck, otherwise known as The Girl on a Bike, stands out, not […]

Upskilling Riders for better Adventure

“A lot of riders don’t invest in their own riding ability. They would readily spend £300 on a jacket …” John-Paul Dixon, Course Director of The Overland Guide Association The popularity of adventure biking is surging, and the bikes we use to go off-road are becoming more affordable and more powerful, the great outdoors and […]