The Bikers Suited and Booted to Deliver Mental Health First Aid

“When a bike’s broken down on the side of the road, a biker will stop for another. So we take it one step further, what happens when that biker’s head breaks down.” Paul Oxborough, Chairperson of Mental Health Motorbike Anyone who owns a motorbike, and who rides out at the weekends, is well aware of […]

A Very British Motorbiker’s Journey  

“Being your authentic self is the number one thing” Conor O’Donnell – TheBritishMotorbiker Like so many members of the motorcycle community, for Conor, riding is about so much more than just getting around or a hobby. Usually, when you talk to a motorcycle enthusiast, there tends to be depth to their story and their love […]

The Girl on a Bike, who found herself again

“That’s something that I’m so proud of myself for; asking for help. I always emphasise to people that asking for help is a sign of strength” Vanessa Ruck – The Girl on a Bike In a world of influencers and celebrity riders Vanessa Ruck, otherwise known as The Girl on a Bike, stands out, not […]

Upskilling Riders for better Adventure

“A lot of riders don’t invest in their own riding ability. They would readily spend £300 on a jacket …” John-Paul Dixon, Course Director of The Overland Guide Association The popularity of adventure biking is surging, and the bikes we use to go off-road are becoming more affordable and more powerful, the great outdoors and […]