Introducing the British Motorcycle Insurance Community – the BMIC

Welcome to the British Motorcycle Insurance Community, a new digital, insurance-led community builder platform for the UK’s motorcycle communities, associations, manufacturers, distributors
and riders.

Riding a motorcycle is an individual choice, and yet, by choosing to go it alone on the bike, we are part of a community of others who think the same way. By becoming more self-reliant, we become closer to those in the community, we are stronger together. This is the essence of what riding is all about, we rely on ourselves and our bikes, to go where we want, when we want, and this is the spirit in which we have created the British Motorcycle Insurance Community.

When our machines bring us together, our financial spending power as a community should do the same. The British Motorcycle Insurance Community is a brand that is powered by Babel Cover, a new-gen British Fintech company that allows British riders to build community and earn rewards and benefits, to create value in acting together in how we purchase our insurance. 

Insurance is a pain. We buy it because we have to, and all too often we just renew a policy, with a faceless company through email, or a call centre, without giving any thought to where the money goes and how much value you are getting on your pound. What we don’t see is the chain of intermediaries between you and your insurer at the end of the line.

The BMIC connects riders directly with a regulated, established insurer, eliminating intermediaries, and pooling spending power to give back to members in the form of lower premiums, better cover and rewards.  The BMIC creates a digital insurance eco-system for manufacturers, associations and affiliate brands and the individual riders. 

The BMIC is a network of British riders, but also a network of motorcycle-focused partners. Currently in negotiation with a wide range of partners and brands, the BMIC will be able to offer their members discounts and special offers on partner products and services like world-leading motorcycle apparel and equipment, as well as the better quality insurance products that come with buying together. You can even use your BMIC rewards to purchase carbon off-sets.

Ant, Ben & Charley of the THE NOD podcast

To bring awareness to the British Motorcycle Insurance Community launch, the BMIC has partnered with a number of trusted, high-profile members of the British motorcycle community. Ben Bowers, Charley Boorman and Ant Partridge are three passionate motorcycle enthusiasts who are behind THE NOD, a podcast that promotes the mental wellbeing benefits of the motorcycle community and discusses the mental health issues that people face and how the mutual respect and sense of community found in riding motorcycles can have a positive effect. 

Mike and Reece are The Sidecar Guys

Matt Bishop and Reece Gilkes are The Sidecar Guys, who hold the Official Guinness World Record for the longest journey by scooter and sidecar and travelled 34,000 miles, through 35 countries to get it. With the support of the BMIC, they embarked on a 10-day Wild Ride UK, to meet up with friends who have a love of all things wild and find out exactly what being, and riding, in nature means to them. The video series will include episodes with Steph Jeavons, Nathan Millward, travel writer Damien Gabet, and more. 

Why Partner with the BMIC?

Whether you are a rider community or a brand, joining the BMIC will deliver immediate real value for you and your community. Better quality, better value insurance cover is the starting point, but other tangible benefits include a community ‘kitty’ or ‘jar’ a community fund that goes to fixing, replacing and helping each other get back on the road. Roughly 20% of your cash keeps our engine running.

The BMIC is powered by Babel Cover, an insurtech company with a mission to bring transparency to insurance and remove the opaque layers that add costs to your cover. By allowing community members to see exactly where their premium goes. You get cheaper premiums and you get rewards which can be used as cashback, put towards your next insurance purchase or used to buy stuff you really want.

But more than that, by joining the BMIC, you get to be part of a community of thousands of riders across the UK. By uniting and combining our spending power we have the chance to create something special, a real community that works for all.